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The Terranus Affair



A new novel by Frank Salter

This novel is a delightful combination of adult romance and science fiction centered around the character Lisa Macdonald, a veterinarian, who moves back to her homeland of Scotland to be near her ill mother. There she meets Richard, a wealthy and famous musician and they fall in love. But she soon finds their whirlwind relationship is far from normal as unusual events begin to take place. Richard reveals his involvement in a secret government organization. He introduces Lisa to a talking spaceship and tells her he has ancestors from outer space. She then finds herself transported on an epic journey into space where she visits the moon, learns the truth about her own origins and the hidden lives of her parents including the news that her father whom she believed dead is still alive.

Synthetic humans, a cure for cancer and alien mammals are all encountered but the most affecting part is the sincere and organic relationship between the two main protagonists. Lisa’s discovery that she possesses latent telepathic capabilities also adds to the intensity of the romantic element of the novel. There is something particularly life-affirming and comforting in the development of their romance in the face of so many profound revelations.

The book is filled with hope for humanity, a belief that time and technology can and will create a balanced society where the human lifespan is extended and a more organic society put in place.


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Reader's comments

'In terms of genre, Mr. Salter has created what I shall call a Sci-fi Romance, perhaps the first of its kind.'

'An adult romantic novel with a magical and believable science fiction element.'

'Just Google The Terranus Affair. This book is unique and quite fascinating.'

Are we alone in the universe?

'I gazed across the lake to the huge trees beyond with misty green mountains in the distance. It all looked very beautiful and different from anything I had ever seen on Earth. In the distance there were two spaceships silently streaking across a blue and green sky and it dawned on me that I really was standing on another planet.'

Now available - Recommended Price UK £9.99

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